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Arraid Products in Printing & Publishing

In the field of Printing and Publishing, Arraid provides storage solutions for a variety of computer systems including Pre-Press, Printing and Database applications. Generally, these computer systems may be viewed as “fixed use” systems. They were designed and built to interface with specific equipment or to run specific application software. Over time, the application changes very little. As long as the computer system remains reliable and maintainable, there is no reason to upgrade the system or rehost the computer. Unfortunately, while the system's host computer and interfaces may remain reliable and maintainable, legacy storage products don't.

As with any mission critical system, where production depends on its proper operation, system availability is key. Missed production means lost revenue and potentially lost Customers. Support teams are constantly challenged to prevent failure and minimize downtime. Arraid products can help.

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Arraid has helped a number of Utilities and system integrators deal with storage related problems in their mission critical systems. Computer systems are used for monitoring and control throughout the Power & Utility Industry. Functions include Nuclear Plant Monitoring, SCADA, EMS, Simulator and Trainers, Turbine Controls, etc. Computers range from legacy mainframes and mini-computers to the latest networked PCs.

Regardless of the type of system, reliability and availability are crucial. Multiple redundancies are built in to insure fault tolerant, non-stop operation. Even so, the support team is constantly challenged to control and minimize downtime. Unfortunately, while the host computers and interfaces may remain reliable and maintainable, legacy storage products don't.

For these older computer systems, Arraid provides COTS storage emulation solutions, integrating ARRAIDs proprietary FPGA based solid state Flash Drive (AFD), it can extend the life of mission critical systems and help to insure optimum availability. For SASI/SCSI1/SCSI2 systems we have both JBOD chassis and drop in replacements unsing our solid state SCSI Flash Drive modules. For more current systems, Arraid can provide NAS and RAID storage modules to increase system capabilities and performance.

Disk Drives
Host Equipment Arraid Product
Hell-Chromacom Pre-Press Graphics System
Scitex Pre-Press System
Atex Newspaper Pre-Press Publishing System
Harris Pre-Press Publishing System
Legacy Computers by Harris, Concurrent, MODCOMP, Foxboro, GEAC, et. al. AEM-1
HP 1000, 9000, 3000, HP-IB, CS/80, IEEE 488, GPIB AEM-6C,AEM-8
RK-05 on DEC PDP-8, PDP-11 AEM-5C
Legacy DEC PDP-8, PDP-11, VAX 11/750 - 780 AFD
VME, Motorola SBC -
SCSI-I, SCSI-2 Upgrades SEC, AFD


Tape Drives
Host Equipment Arraid Product
Formatted Pertec Interface; Pertec, Kennedy, STC, MPI, Cipher, et. al. Many System Manufacturers TES-2
HP 1000, 9000, 3000, HP-IB, CS/80, IEEE 488, GPIB AEM-8TES-5
SCSI Compatible Drives, such as HP 88780 series TES-6
Remote Tape Drive with LAN or WAN access. Formatted Pertec Interface TES-2IP-AFD
Other Products
Network Attached Storage AFD

National Geographic Society/strong>

Seattle Times

Detroit News

Hartford Courrant

Time-Warner Publications

Booth Newspapers

Dallas Morning News

Realtime Publication Services

John H. Harland - Check Printing System

Seattle Post Inteligencer

Bergin Record

Bespoke Emulation Solutions

Arraid team members include some of the foremost experts in the design of data storage emulation systems. We would be happy to discuss with you, and develop for you, an emulation solution to upgrade the capabilities and reliability of your computer system.

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