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SCSI Interface Tape Drive Emulation

The Arraid TES-6 system provides a new and warranted equipment replacement for aging and refurbished tape drives that adhere to the SCSI standard. The TES-6 replaces both SCSI 1/2" 9 track tape drives and 1/4" cartridge tape drives.


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The TES-6 is plug-compatible with the SCSI interface tape drive, while using ARRAID's proprietary solid state 'ARRAID Flash Drive' (AFD) to store data.  Internal TES rotating drives (disk, tape & magneto-optic) can still be supported upon request.

No host system software or controller changes are required to replace a refurbished 9 track tape drive with the TES-6.

The TES-6 provides a complete bridge between older host system and the TES's modern solid state ARRAID Flash Drive (AFD), replacing tape cartridges and reels with industrial grade CompactFlash (CF) removable media. Free yourself from hard to replace tape cartridges, difficult 9 track tape loading procedures, failing tape sensors, and vacuum pumps. SCSI tape drives have been widely used on computer systems since the 80s with specialized operations and hardware that can not always be rehosted on a simple PC.

The TES-6 offers a new solid state equipment replacement for failing and refurbished SCSI tape drives. While refurbished cartridge and 9 track tape drives are limited in their availability, refurbished tape drives commonly fail within a few months resulting in system down time.

The TES-2 is provided as new equipment, allowing customers to utilize SCSI drives or ARRAID's proprietary solid state 'ARRAID Flash Drive' (AFD) installed in the TES-2, with MTBF of 200,000+ hours and significantly more when using the solid state AFD. The TES-6 can replace an existing drive, such as the HP 88780S, or may be added to the existing tape drive chain. The base model has a single-ended SCSI interface with a differential option available for HP 88780B emulation.

Additional TES-6 options include AFD network (backup & restore), mirroring, Ethernet based tape data access, and replacement of tape reels with solid state ARRAID Flash Drive (AFD) configured as a magneto optical or PCMCIA flash card media. No refurbished cartridge or 9 track tape drive can match the reliability, features and customer support provided by choosing the TES-6 to replace your aging SCSI tape drive. 

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Features and Benefits

  • ARRAID Flash Drive (AFD) option is a Solid State SCSI disk replacing traditional mechanical SCSI drives (DAT, QIC, Tape & Magneto Optical Disk)
  • Additional features such as network backup, mirroring, restore and removable media can be added.
  • The CompactFlash (CF) media in the ARRAID Flash Drive (AFD) is treated exactly the same as the floppy disk media. All drive data is stored on the CF media as if were the original diskette media.
  • AFD network feature option offers LAN network (ethernet-based) back-up and restore capability directly from the AFD using the on board RJ45 Network port. No additional software or register changes are required to the legacy host. Including ARRAIDs FLASH2GUI Software, an optional ethernet support feature for centralised backup and restore capability lessening the reliance to rotate media.  Network option only available on TES with AFD network drive installed.
  • Replaces aging and refurbished 9 track Pertec formatted interface tape drives with a new solid state ARRAID Flash Drive (AFD)Replaces aging and refurbished cartridge or 9 track SCSI tape drives with a new SCSI drive
  • Easy to install. No hardware or software changes required, other than the drive itself.
    • Can replace or be added to existing drives.
  • Operating system, application and diagnostic software are supported as is.
  • An LCD Operator Panel provides full control over drive functions.
  • High reliability with near zero maintenance required.
    • Greater computer system availability with lower cost of ownership.
  • Tape data can be stored on the solid state ARRAID Flash Drive (AFD) configured as a magneto optical using industrial grade CompactFlash (CF) media
    • With tape head alignment no longer an issue, media may be moved from drive to drive without concern for readability.
    • CF media is archive quality, impervious to EMI, yielding both reliable media distribution and extended shelf life..
  • Stores the content of multiple 1/2-inch tape reels on a single piece of CompactFlash (CF) media.
    • This allows for unattended operation (no tape reel changes) in many applications.
    • The space required for media storage is greatly reduced.


For More Information

Get the TES Data Sheet

Learn how the TES-6 replaces Pertec interface reel to reel tape drives using Tape Drive Emulation.

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