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RMA Process

RMA Process - First Steps

There are a few things that you should do with your Data Storage System before calling to obtain an RMA for Warranty or Repair service:

  • Check your cabling. Make sure that all controller, power and ground cables are connected correctly and securely.
  • Check the Arraid Product Configuration tables if appropriate. Make sure that parameters haven't been inadvertently changed.
  • If possible, try removable disks or media in another, identical system. Isolate the problem to either the System or the SCSI device.
  • Gather all the data that you can to describe the problem that is occurring.
  • Write down the model and serial numbers of the System or SCSI device(s) to be returned.
  • Locate the original shipping container and packing materials to insure that your equipment is shipped safely.

RMA Process - Getting an RMA

Warranty or Per-Incident Repair

Contact your Arraid Representative to discuss the malfunction that you are seeing and to determine the most appropriate repair action. If you purchased your Arraid product through an Authorized Reseller, you may contact that Reseller for assistance, or contact Arraid directly. To work with Arraid directly, call our Phoenix, AZ office, at (623) 582-4592 and ask for Arraid Technical Support.

Arraid's Technical Support staff will thoroughly discuss the malfunction that you're encountering with your technical personnel. Every reasonable effort will be made to insure that the malfunction is isolated to the Arraid product, and that external causes are ruled out. Technical Support will determine the probable cause of the malfunction and the most appropriate course of action for repair.

Under Warranty, in cases where a description of problem symptoms is inadequate or unavailable, and your technical personnel are unable to discuss the malfunction with Arraid's Technical Support, you will be notified that a Purchase Order will be required before an RMA can be issued. This Purchase Order will cover the Inspection and Test charge and return freight should no problem be found in the Arraid product returned for repair.

Under Per-Incident Repair, your Arraid Representative or Arraid Technical Support will send you a quotation, via fax or email, to cover the agreed on repair action. We must receive your purchase order before an RMA can be issued.

When all steps are completed, an RMA will be sent to you by fax or e-mail.

Other Per-Incident Services

Contact your Arraid Representative to discuss the work that you would like to have done. That person will issue a quotation, via fax or email, covering the Update or Retrofit to be performed. All Update and Retrofit work, except for software updates, must be performed at Arraid's facility in Phoenix, AZ. Once we receive your purchase order, an RMA will be sent to you by fax or e-mail.

RMA Process - Shipping to Arraid

Regardless of the service required, you are responsible for shipment of the equipment to Arraid. ARRAID products must be returned in their original shipping containers. These containers have been specifically designed or selected for protection of YOUR equipment. If necessary, you may purchase a new shipping container at the time that you request an RMA.

If you must return a product in a non-Arraid shipping container, please pack the product carefully as Arraid will not be responsible for shipping damage. Repaired products will be returned to you in a standard Arraid shipping container and you will be invoiced as required. We must receive your purchase order for the new shipping container prior to return of your equipment.

Please show the RMA number on your packing slip, and on the address label. Products submitted for repair should be shipped to:

Arraid, Inc.
26 W Lone Cactus #500,
AZ 85027

Arraid reserves the right to refuse receipt of any equipment: not shipped in a standard Arraid shipping container, showing excessive shipping damage, or not accompanied by a valid RMA.

RMA Process - Return of Equipment

See the Warranty Service or Per-Incident Service pages for descriptions of the service actions to be taken.

Under Warranty, Arraid will bear the return freight cost for economy air, delivered in a reasonable time frame. If you require faster shipment, there will be additional freight and handling charges.

For Per-Incident Services, you are responsible for return freight cost. Please insure that your purchase order defines both the method of shipment and the method of payment to cover return of your equipment.


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