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Formatted Pertec Tape Drive Emulation

The Arraid TES-2 system provides a new and warranted equipment replacement for aging and refurbished reel-to-reel, .5" (half inch) 9 track tape drives that adhere to the industry standard, Formatted Pertec Protocol.


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The TES-2 is plug-compatible with the original Pertec 9 track formatted interface tape drive, while using ARRAID's proprietary solid state 'ARRAID Flash Drive' (AFD) to store data.  Internal TES rotating drives (disk, tape & magneto-optic) can still be supported upon request.

No host system software or controller changes are required to replace a refurbished 9 track tape drive with the TES-2.

The TES-2 provides a complete bridge between the host 9 track Pertec formatted tape controller and the TES's SCSI drive, replacing tape reels with the solid state ARRAID Flash Drive (AFD).

Free yourself from difficult 9 track tape reel loading procedures, failing tape sensors, and vacuum pumps. Pertec formatted 9 track tape drives have been widely used on computer systems since the late '70s with specialized operations and hardware that can not be rehosted on a simple PC.

The TES-2 is provided as new equipment, allowing customers to utilize SCSI drives or ARRAID's proprietary solid state 'ARRAID Flash Drive' (AFD) installed in the TES-2, with MTBF of 200,000+ hours and significantly more when using the solid state AFD.

The TES-2 can replace most existing Pertec Formatted interface tape drives or may be added to the existing tape drive chain. The TES-2 supports tape speeds ranging from 12.5ips to 75ips Start/Stop, to 125ips Streaming and recording densities from 800bpi NRZ mode to 6400fpi PE.

Additional TES-2 options include disk to disk backup, disk to tape backup, AFD network (backup & restore) and mirroring. No refurbished SMD replacement can match the reliability, features and customer support provided by choosing the TES-2 to replace your aging and refurbished SMD disk drives.

Additional TES-2 options include AFD network (backup & restore) offering Ethernet based tape data access, and replacement of tape reels with solid state ARRAID Flash Drive (AFD) configured as a magneto optical or legacy PCMCIA flash card media. No refurbished Pertec interface tape drive can match the reliability, features and customer support provided by choosing the TES-2 to replace your aging Pertec interface reel to reel tape drive.

Contact Arraid today to learn more about new tape drive replacements for aging computer systems.


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