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SCSI SSD replacement for SCSI Floppy/SCSI MO Removable Drives

The Arraid SCSIFlash Removable Drive ( ASFD-MO & ASFD-F ) are designed and manufactured by Arraid and replaces legacy SCSI storage disk drives. It replaces many removable media SASI, SCSI-1, or SCSI-2 drives such as SCSI FLOPPY SCSI Card readers, SCSI PCMCIA and SCSI MO ( Optical) drives. 

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The Arraid SCSIFlash Disk Drive (ASFD-HD) replaces legacy storage fixed disk drive and replaces SASI, SCSI-1, or SCSI-2 drives such as SCSI hard disk and (now ) obsolete SCSI SSD drives.

Offering Industrial Grade SCSI SSD replacements for a range of obsolete and End of Life (EOL) SCSI drives. No additional software or register changes are required to the legacy host. Custom capacities available for systems that require exact capacity value. Custom sector sizes available.

VIPER 150 RS3, Python 4320

RWZ01, RWZ53, TLZ10, TZ86, TZ86-VA, TZ87, TZ87-VA, TZ87N-VA, TK70,TK50, TZ89, TZK9, TK09-VA,TZK10, TZK11, TLZ88, TLZ06, TLZ06-VA, TLZ6L-VA, TLZ7L-VA, TLZ09, TLZ07-VA, TZ87N ,DEC VAX 4000-90A, uVAX, StorageWorks, VMS and VS4000 systems

Dynamo 640SE DynaMo1300SCSI, 2300SCSI, MCR3230SS, MCJ3230SS MCM3064SS,MCE3064SS,MCF3064SS, MCM3130SS
M2511A, M2512A, M2513A, M2512A0E, M2513P, M2541A
MCB3064SS, MCC3064SS, MDC3064SS


Hewlett Packard (HP)  
C1716T,C1716C, C2550T, 9100MX, C1113, C1114, 5200EX
C1300, C1533A, C7438A, C1537A


ZIP, Z100Si, JAZ, V1000si, V2000si, Iomega Beta-20H

OMD-19060, OMD-7071,OMD-7060,OMD7061, OMD-7062
OMD-9060, OMD-9061, OMD-9062, OMD-9063, OMD-6020

T6-5200, C7369, T5-2600, T3-1300, T4-1300
T7-9100, RXT-800S, TMT5-2600, Tahiti, T5-2600 512 byte sector, T5-2600 1024 byte sector, T5-2600 2048 byte sector

MOS300, MOS320, MOS-540E, PowerMO 2600 SYS.230 MOS331E14, MOS330E

DE-UH7101 DE-U7101

RO-5030EII, RO-5030E, RO-5060E, RO-5061E, RO5031E,


SMO-S501, SMO-C301, SMO-F551 512 byte sector, SMO-F551 4.8GB 1024 byte sector , SMO-F551 5.2GB 2048 byte sector, SMO-F551 651MB 4096 byte sector, SMO-F551, SMO-F541, SMO-F561 512 byte sector, SMO-F561 1024 byte sector, SMO-F561 2048 byte sector, RMO-S551, SMO-F521, SMO-F544, SMO-F531, SMO-D501, SMO-E501, SMO-E511, SMO-F521, SMO-S521, SMO-E30104E

EZ135S, EZ230S, SQ3105S, SQ3270S, SQ5200, SQ555, SYJET1S

FC-1, FD-235HS, FD-235HS-309, FD-235HS-701, FD-235HS-711, FD-235HS-715, FD-235HS-806, FD-235HS-911, FD-235HS-915, FD-235HS-1011, FD-235HS-1101, FD-235HS-1111, FD-235HS-1112, FD-235HS-1125

Features and Benefits

  • Small format PCB converts Compact Flash Media to appear as a SCSI Removable media drive on a Host’s SCSI bus
  • 3.5” form factor PCB which will replace any 3.5” or 5 ¼” Removable media drive
  • Will fit in a 3.5” disk slot using the same mountings
  • SCSI Host will typically see the device as a Removable media drive of any emulation
  • Board is low power, using 5V only, and has an optional add-on display and pushbutton user interface
  • Microcode is field upgradable via integral serial port
  • Optional integration support available if required


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