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SSDL’s SCSIFlash Can Now Emulate TEAC FC1 Micro Floppy Disk Drives

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Reading, United Kingdom –Solid State Disks Ltd (SSDL), the advanced storage systems design, development and integration specialist, has developed procedures that enable its popular solid-state SCSI Flash drive to emulate the 12 TEAC FD-235HS, 3.5-inch double-sided 5.3 track/mm (135tpl) micro floppy drive, known within the industry as the FC1.

Micro floppy disks were available in 1 and 2MB capacities, in either single (SD) or high density (HD) formats and the drives interface with their host via SCSI.

“We’re pleased to add the TEAC FC1 micro floppy disk drive to our growing list of emulation capabilities,” said James Hilken, Sales Director of SSDL, “as it reinforces the versatility of our highly reliable and cost-effective SCSIFlash technology.”

SSDL’s SCSIFlash supports 12 fixed FC1 emulations and one variable emulation that can be configured by the host using the SCSI MODE SELECT command.

Any routines that users have in place involving backing up to micro floppy disks – or using them for system restoration – can be followed using Compact Flash (CF) cards instead.

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A pdf revision of our Teac FC1 Application Note is available to download.


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